3 comments on “Break The Law, And Cry Foul? The Lose/Lose Story

  1. Touchy is right
    If you side with making all of them legal, then you’re basically turning a blind eye on all of those who have been cheating the system all these years, not paying taxes, and making a huge strain on our medical, welfare, and other government programs when there are many Americans who truly do need these programs, but can’t get them because all the money is gone already.
    This the only point I have to counter.
    Most of them here are using false SSI info, they are indeed paying taxes. They in all honesty don’t get much benifiet from it, or are likey to do so. Who evers SSI number they are using, they are getting the points and such, and should they ever file for unemployment are giing to find they have more money accessable to them then they thought.
    The immigrants, after all, are trying to keep a minimal paper trail. In CA, one of our best workers became sick and his only option was to go back to Mexico, as being treated here would more then likely get him exposed and arrested.
    Most do not have medical as they are sending most of their money back to family and as they are on forged documents as it is, most don’t risk welfare or other aid. That is why they WORK full time jobs. While on the flip side, I, as well as my friends in the profession, know of too many AMERICANS that are doing quite nicely abusing the welfare system.


    • Touchy is right … take two
      (NOTE … I left the above comment as well … did not mean to leave post as Anonymous)
      I have one other question for you my friend.
      Who do you know that has NOT gotten a job because it was taken by an illeagal immigrant?
      May place of employment has more openings then we can deal with, over half are full time with benifiets and vacation time. None of my jobless friends will apply because it doesn’t pay enough, or they couldn’t pass the mandatory drug test, or it’s to far to bus, or whatever reason.
      When these people aren’t working cause there are NO JOBS available … then I will put more stock in the illeagal immigrants keeping jobs from americans comcept.
      Until then, Yes we have a mess, no there is no easy fix. But us arogant americans are just as much to blame.


      • Re: Touchy is right … take 2.5
        There was an article in a newspaper in Whittier, CA, where a group of people were demonstrating, and flying a Mexican flag with a US flag flying upside-down under it. The reporter asked someone there what that was all about, and he replied (this was a Mexican, just to point out) that the upside-down flag flown in one’s own country is an SOS. They were outraged that all these people are taking the side of the illegals, as their parents and grandparents all took the time to do things the right way, and they did what was needed to become legal citizens, and now people are backing those who would cheat the system.
        Yes….there is more than enough blame to pass around. The Mexicans for cheating the system, the businesses for supporting them, and the system that does not pay enough or the cost of living is too high, thus contributing to the problem.
        It’s going to be interesting to see where the chips fall in this one.


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