2 comments on “Lunch experiment

  1. Little tricks
    The thing is to eat less (thus the two not four)
    Remember … we eat way more then we actually need too. And there is a diffrence between not hungary, full and stuffed.
    When I was in San Diego, I walked everywhere, did NOT drink soda, or eat at a fast food restaruant. The closest I came was Subway and Chipotles. And I NEVER biggie sized anything.
    I lost almost 2 pant sizes in four months.
    Now, I am trying to eat less, since I don’t walk as much (hard to do with bad weather AND working around food ALL the time). More water, and less snacking at home. It is slowly begining to show. But I have a ways to go.
    Keep it up and watch that SOBE … some of them really pack in the calories!


  2. Agreed. I think I was too used to “eat til you feel stuffed”, and not being smart about it. Next time, I’m going to just do the 2, and perhaps do the Fruit2O (zero cals) instead of Sobe. That and I’m going to start doing workouts at night again after work, so I hope that help some too.
    Your points are well taken. Wish me luck!


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