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  1. Hmmm….
    Even if you get A+ certified you will get more business if you wear a tie.
    It is not shallow to have a basic social standard in the work force for people to follow. It does make one look better, nicer and more professional. Sorry to say … but it is true.
    I have never understood why people have THAT many issues over uniform policy … they pay you to do function and represent them … they (within reason) have the right to decide how they feel to be representd.
    Some work places are more stringant then others, some just want you in clean clothes.
    You can only buck the system so much my friend … you want to get ahead, it comes with a price, if you don’t want to pay it (or wear it) then you get left behind. This is no moral issue, it is a matter of clothing. Tie, pumps, wigs, corsettes, tuxedo, jeans, t-shirts, they all have their place and time. Don’t build walls over those silk nooses. More heads have been broken on those walls, then dreams crushed for merely putting on a tie.


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