One comment on “Darth Walton strikes yet again

  1. Here’s the problem, and why Wal-Mart (technically, Wal-Mart’s insurance provider) is entitled to the money.
    When you file an insurance claim, you typically give the insurance company the right to go collect against whomever was responsible for your loss. This is no different for homeowner’s insurance than medical insurance.
    The insurer reminded them, repeatedly, to talk to their lawyers BEFORE filing any lawsuits or accepting any settlements. They didn’t, and went ahead and filed a lawsuit anyway.
    It sucks, but folks: this is why you need to READ all legal documents (including insurance policies) and UNDERSTAND them before you use them. It is probably clearly stated in the plain language of the insurance contract that “sure, we’ll pay for your medical claims, but we’re entitled to compensation if you file a lawsuit and win.”
    Them’s the brakes. Yes, it sucks. Call it a hunch: if they would have gotten Wal-Mart’s lawyers involved, there might have been a different result.


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