4 comments on “Size is relative

  1. A work in progress?
    It’s the website that is under perpetual construction!
    That should be part of your heading.
    SQ – The site in perpetual motion (line thru word motion) construction


    • Of course, progress!
      Maybe so, but you know artists as you are one. We are our own worst critics, and are never satisfied! Besides….you have yet to send me some updated pics for the gallery, you know *chuckle*.
      Oh, and not to rub it in….but at least I have a site to show….hee hee hee! I gotta pick on ya from time to time you know. If I didn’t, you might think I didn’t appreciate you anymore 😉


      • Re: Of course, progress!
        Well … I will see about getting on those pictures …
        But as I don’t have any flair for web design and YOU are not here to help me … I must settle for myspace.
        Unless you will finally just give it up and do one with the info I send you! *GRIN*


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