4 comments on “Charlie’s Climbing Tree and other goodies!

  1. I love Wikipedia
    “Guess who is Chapi. Guess who is Chapo. Who of us is Chapi, Chapo. That is entirely in red Chapi. The blue is Chapo. But we are like twins…” (rough translation)
    The lyrics were a combination of French and nonsense words.
    Chapi Chapo patapo
    Chapo Chapi patapi
    Piripipi rabada dada
    Dada dada
    Pacha pacho pitipo
    Pacho pacha pitipa
    Piripipi rabada dida
    Devinez qui est Chapi
    Devinez qui est Chapo
    Qui de nous deux est Chapi, Chapo
    Celle toute en rouge c’est Chapi
    Celui en bleu c’est Chapo
    Mais nous sommes comme deux jumeaux…


    • I remember Nickelodeon back in the very beginning when all the bumpers and station ID’s used this male mime and/or the hands by themselves. This is the one thing I have yet to find, since most people only remember back to the “silver pinball” station ID days of Nickelodeon.
      and yes…I’m horribly dating myself here.


  2. I remember Pinwheel too! 4 hours or so of mostly European cartoon shorts.
    If you want dating, I remember Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings from when it was part of Captain Kangaroo…


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