2 comments on “Practice makes better

  1. Go Go Gadget Polish ….
    Cool on the nails! And yes, when it comes to cosmetics, the rule of you get what you pay for usually applies.
    Though MAC is still way overpriced when you concider other options (Like Ben Nye … which you can order online).
    I must say again … let the heels get dusty! It is nice that you can walk in them gracefully now, but-
    1. You don’t need the extra height (use in name only) Remember, fashion should flatter and garner respect … not demand attention.
    2. For GOD’S sake don’t wear them everyday! The look and assetics will not make up for the PERMANENT joint pain and damage you will live with for the rest of your life in a few short years. That is just a medical fact and I can’t stress that enough.


    • Higher and higher
      Well, true, I may not NEED the extra vertical lift, but just because I was blessed with extra length, it doesn’t mean one cannot enjoy the feeling….and there are plenty of times I’m a flattie, but since I sit on my butt all day at work, it doesn’t hurt that much to be a little fashionable.


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