One comment on “Writer’s Block

  1. Often when we take a minute to take a deep breath and hold it. We find that focus, is always there but often we are torn into so many little pieces that just the act of taking a deep breath seems difficult, but once we force ourselves to breathe, everything falls into focus.

    I remember being able to put music on in my bedroom and write for hours about what I was feeling, thinking, experiencing, or even to write about the sci fi nerdiness that has always ran through my head, although I will never share those sci fi stories, they forever allowed me to escape, but the VOLTRON original stories are forever locked away in my filing cabinet!!!!!

    When I feel the need to focus now being an adult, I find meditating on music that is out of the normal music genres I choose helps. I come to appreciate the newness in the tones and notes being played and it rejuvenates me to face another day.

    So for you to find focus, try to FOC-US, the rest of the world and listen to new music and breath my friend.


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