One comment on “Why Lift Up When You Can Pound Down?

  1. Why spend money here when we can fling it overseas?

    Not much I can argue with on this.
    I am a firm believer in the idea that you need to clean up your own backyard before you go and clean up someone else’s. Last month alone I saw links to articles about an elementary student who helped raise $8000 for school lunches because one of his fellow students was refused a lunch for insufficient funds, there was the valedictorian that spent part of his senior year homeless, and then one of the countries we are supporting with millions in funds and military aid are in the news for filing murder charges against a nine month old baby and separate incident of a woman stoned to death in what is called an honor killing.
    We need to focus more on us right now.

    Blow up rather than lift up?

    Yep, it would be nice if we started sharing the policing of the world.
    It would also be nice if we actually blew up the bad guys. I am sick of hearing about drone strikes where there were civilian causalities and/or the target was “suspected” of being part of terrorist or military cell. When did we start killing people on suspicion alone?

    Church And State

    I have posted and discussed this with you and others to the point there is nothing more I can add to this conversation.

    The News (Is it REALLY?)

    What is the NEWS? It would be nice to hear or read it once in a while.
    Conservative or Liberal; it is sad that one has to read four or five sources for ONE event to get some semblance of both sides.

    Life In Prison v. The Death Penalty
    I am for the death penalty for violent crimes. It is not my responsibility to clothe, feed and shelter someone for onwards of 60 or 70 years because they decided someone else’s life was expendable. If you want to write the check to take care of someone that murdered your wife or kids, then more power to you.
    Reading various articles and comments, it costs an average of $25,000 a year per prisoner, and that cost goes up when they start needing medical attention as they get older.
    To me murder is someone who takes another life for their own selfish reasons; be it for monetary reasons or some emotional gratification. Removing someone who commits such a crime to protect society and not induce a financial burden is not murder.
    If capital punishment is murder, then so is shooting someone who breaks into your home.


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