2 comments on “Console Game Features: The Ever-Changing Dynamic

  1. I’ve enjoyed the transition to digital games, but can understand how it can be an annoyance or hinderance to some. Right now I have a 1TB USB drive plugged into my Xbox One and I have a good many games but still have enough free space. In a year or two I may have to get a second 1TB or a 2TB, but for now it’s no big deal. As for bringing games to a friend’s house, one nice thing about the external drive is I can just unplug it and take it to another Xbox One, log in and can instantly play any of the games installed on the external drive on their Xbox. No install times or anything, just plug and play. This makes it a lot easier to take an entire library of games with you instead of a bunch of cases and discs.

    I personally love the convenience of having an entirely digital movie, music and game library that can be accessed from anywhere.


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  2. The issue that used to exist was a lack of space. I was constantly having to swap out memory cards just to find one that contained enough free space to download to. Or simply trying to ascertain which memory stored my Resident Evil 2 save file from the litany of similar looking cards. It’s a problem that has occurred then and will unfortunately continue to do so for the imminent future.

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