2 comments on “Fallout: A Newbie To The Vault Life

  1. Then there is Fallout New Vegas … no prestory set-up like in 3 and 4.
    Just watch your titles … choose your looks, pick your stats and BOOM … you’re in the game.

    It think it funny that many peoples objection to Fallout 3 was similiar to yours. That there was to much dialouge; it slowed things down.
    That is what I love about it (and Skyrim) … the dialouge and the choices you make make the world that much fuller and complex.
    Reading the emails and blogs on computers you hack into add more flavor and just add more depth to the world your playing in.
    It becomes more than a dungeon crawl.

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    • Some of the dialog was good – especially when you got into the computers, so it wasn’t all dry stuff. If New Vegas is a good game, I might pick up the “Ultimate Edition” to add to my collection as well since it’s cheap now too.


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