3 comments on “I’m Tired Of It: Online Multiplayer (aka I Don’t Play Well With Others)

  1. Preach it! Multiplayer games are fine and all, and I love having the option of doing multiplayer in games, but I’m not a fan of so many games making it their main focus now. I love the characters in Overwatch and I had a lot of fun with the beta, but the lack of a single player campaign (and they have the lore to do it) really pushed me away for buying the game. The same goes for Battlefront – a game that desperately needed a great campaign mode.

    I’ll stick with my Zeldas, Skyrims and Bioshocks. Great post!

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      • Definitely not. There are a lot of us gamers who feel the same way. 😛

        By the way, do you blog with any other sites or platforms at the moment? I work over at Now Loading (https://nowloading.co/) and this is the sort of content that our community would love to read. If you were keen on the idea of maybe expanding your audience and sharing your posts on our site as well, I’d be more than happy to help you get started. My e-mail is paul@nowloading.co 😀


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