About My Xanadu

This is a blog that originally started in 2001 when I was living in Denver, CO, and then progressed from there.  I’ve had to tote this blog from server to server, so sadly, most of the original dates have been lost, but at least the content is still there!

2 comments on “About My Xanadu

  1. I read your article from years ago about Rimrock Mall. A friend owns I were talking about the old food court and the old pizza place came up. It was close to th Original Orange Julius. We can’t think of the name of it. The slices of pizza were huge. After getting the pizza you go and get an orange Julius. We both know it wasn’t Bobs pizza. Do you happen to remember?

    Thank you


    • I honestly don’t remember. I remember Julius, Cattle Company, Hipster Doogan, Old Town Bakery, Morrow’s Nut House, Tinder Box, and a bunch of others, but can’t think of the pizza place off hand.


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