About MidnightBanshi

I have been doing this journal since 2001 in Denver, and has been a telling of the journey that my life has taken since then – both in a physical sense, as well as a spiritual one.

I have encountered people from all walks of life in my travels, and while not all of them are to my liking, I am fascinated by them nonetheless.  I have, for many years, tried to figure out exactly who or what I am, and I have found no clear-cut definition, so therefore, I am left with the label of being a “unique” person.

I love art, music, fashion, anime, culture, exploration, computers – many different pieces that comprise the whole.  I have been found to be shocking to both the straight and gay communities, because no one would ever believe a heterosexual person would ever do drag.  Well, guess what……..I don’t belong to the court community, so I guess to me, it’s just random clothing that I like.  I have participated in drag shows in the past when the mood suits me, but these days, my physical shape seems to go away from that arena.

I have been discovering my spiritual side, as well as my emotional state – both of which seem to change and grow day by day, and so the journey of discovery continues.  I invite you to come along for the ride and share what I have found.

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